Wonderful portrait sketches by Lee

This is the portrait; and I take
The softest colors for your sake.

And a faint shadow on your cheek
Tells what the lips refuse to speak.

The lines are firmer round your mouth,
But still its smile is like the South:





Not everybody can make their creativity into their profession.
just a piece of advice to all of them.
keep it with you throughout your life. Be it bathroom singing,acting or drawing.
be it any thing that can be termed as your hobby. never throw your creativity under the bus. Sometimes when you’re low ,looking for inspiration this thing within you will help ditch that loneliness or tough time. n get going….




  Pencil art by David Cristobal

Somewhere out there high on a tree
there is a face that’s hard to see.
it always stares without a blink
making some wander what it might think.
It doesn’t move the rain or shine
and more and more covers it vine.
But empty eyes don’t loose from sight
anyone passing, a day or night.