5 ways to get inspiredFIRSTLY stop dreaming about success , forget about getting into exhibition just be focused on your art . Get your self a routine and work accordingly. “ARTISTS INSPIRE ARTIST” its a saying i feel is true . you can have a look at there work and trace your path where you have to reach. I was inspired by a number of people , my girlfriend being one of them. now you have to look from where you draw inspiration

A few ways to get going good

• Let the audience into your world and you are bound to receive inspiration from them. Go for a walk-Every morning I go to nearby Heath , and I often also go for a wander in the middle of the day to think through a character or situation. I listen to music as I go. Again, it’s about occupying one part of your brain, so that the other part is clear to be creative.
An idea never comes to me suddenly; it sits inside me for a while, and then emerges. To be truly inspired, you must learn to trust your instinct, and your creative empathy

• Take a break of two to three weeks after finishing a work, and before sending it off to wherever it has to go. breaks are really important.
Let the audience into your world and you are bound to receive inspiration from them.

• Be observant when you are out . if possible carry a camera . you can get

scrap book like this will do

scrap book like this will do

something interesting while on the move. freshers can try making these photographs . For it is said artist don’t click they make photographs. Either create a scrapbook or photo album which can be examined for ideas.

•let your art be your inspiration . work on your techniques . show your work to someone who doesn’t get impressed easily. It will help you doing better. you can put your work on social networks and get views about it. don’t just go on with your art without improving.

•Don’t discard your old art work,or unfinished art work even they inspire you .They will tell you what you were and what you are.Loneliness inspires me as an artist it makes your mind do the work. sit alone and think where you want to go and what you want to do, at least once a month.

You should have that burning desire to be an artist . you cant be confused about your work . you should have a clear view of where you want to land. Either you go for stars or you don’t go anywhere.

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